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What is Precision Mining?

pre·ci·sion min·ing , noun, /prəˈsiZHən mīniNG/

Using accurate data and decision-making to control the outcome of mining processes to achieve extremely low variability (i.e. precision) in the desired outcome.

The enabler for Precision Mining is an end-to-end scalable capability to create shared and accurate digital replica of operation on the equipment for real-time decision making and in the cloud for post analytics.

We developed a unified platform as the enabling tool to support mine sites reach precision mining in a piece-wise, selective, scalable and integration-friendly fashion.


a scalable precision mining platform

RIGIDprecision™ is a real-time embedded IoT platform and analytics pipeline that implements precision sensing and shared communication at the equipment level. It hosts multiple real-time field Apps and cloud Apps that use the data to make actionable decisions. It is scalable, integration-friendly, and cost effective.


Designed for mining needs today and in future:

Enterprise Remote Management

Centralized software for real-time access and remote management of equipment & vehicle data

Live Monitoring

Central Configuration

Custom Reporting

Remote Maintenance

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