RIGID ROBOTICS offers a unified and scalable Cloud Platform and Applications that gather Data in Real-time from its Sensors that are embedded in customers' mining equipment and operations. It uses AI to analyze the data in real-time and provides its customers with Actionable Information that:

  • Reduces operating, maintenance, and capital costs
  • Minimizes equipment downtime
  • Improves customers’ emissions, pollutants and other ESG footprints.


Our solutions enable Precision Mining generating significant value, they are scalable, and cost effective. Our clients span across the globe from North America, South America, to Australia. Learn more in the brief brochure...


Scalable OT data platform

Shovel / Loader Optimization

Shovel Automation

Pit Decarbonization


Our technology not only improves overall performance but also contributes to a significant reduction in GHG emissions. With the ability to precisely monitor and control mining processes, RIGIDprecision™ enables companies to minimize energy waste and to streamline their operations, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. As GHG reduction is one of its key benefits, RIGIDprecision™ aligns with the global sustainability goals and helps mining companies adopt environmentally responsible practices while maximizing productivity and profitability.

724 real-time mine info


SecurityScorecard Verified: Your Data's Trusted Guardian

Our commitment to safeguarding your sensitive information is reflected in our partnership with SecurityScorecard™, a trusted leader in cybersecurity. With their rigorous assessment and continuous monitoring, we have achieved a top-tier security rating, ensuring the highest level of protection for your data. Our SecurityScorecard™ badge represents our ongoing dedication to maintaining a secure environment, so you can confidently engage with our platform, knowing that your privacy and confidentiality are our utmost priorities.

Case Studies

Precision drilling & blasting


Digging Condition Application Revolutionizing drill & blast optimization through integrating...

  • Increase efficiency of explosive use
  • Improve digging conditions
  • Reduce dust and vibrations
  • Improve throughput and comminution energy consumption

Precision Digging & Loading


Precision Digging & Loading Bucket Telemetry Objectives: Accurate location of..

  • Accurate location of shovel and excavators bucket on real-time basis
  • Allow integrated geo-spatial data analysis for drill & blast optimization, orebody visualization and mine plan compliance.