Offers a unified and scalable Cloud Platform and Applications that gather Data in Real-time from its Sensors that are embedded in customers’ mining equipment and operations. It uses AI to analyze the data in real-time and provides its customers with Actionable Information that:
• Reduces operating, maintenance, and capital costs
• Minimizes equipment downtime
• Improves customers’ emissions, pollutants and other ESG footprints.

A better way to mine...

From conventional mining to Precision mining with RIGIDprecision™

RIGID ROBOTICS is a precision mining technology company that assists open-pit mining operations in achieving lower variability in shovel digging and loading activities. The company's flagship solution, Digging Condition Optimization, regulates diggability to reduce drill-and-blast costs while enhancing shovel productivity, saving mines millions per year.

Areas of Expertise

Scalable OT data platform

Shovel / Loader Optimization

Shovel Automation

Pit Decarbonization

Technology For The Climate

RIGIDprecision solution has led to a 22% reduction in drilling time, which translates to an average annual CO2 emission reduction of 227.69 tons per mine. This advancement speeds up excavation processes, as indicated by a 1% decrease in truck travel, 7% less queue time, 2% shorter shovel wait times for trucks, and a 10% reduction in digging state time. These efficiencies yield reduction in truck operating hours, resulting in further annual CO2 savings of 1,607.31 tons per mine, totaling 1,835 tons in CO2 reductions. Additionally, the technology reduces explosive use by 10%, preventing 6,000 tons of nitrate pollution annually per mine. By optimizing drilling and blasting, 5% of ore is more uniformly blasted and moved from class 4/5 to class 3 sizing, saving 239 MWh of energy per mine each year.

Your Data's Trusted Guardian

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Our commitment to safeguarding your sensitive information is reflected in our partnership with SecurityScorecard™, a trusted leader in cybersecurity. With their rigorous assessment and continuous monitoring, we have achieved a top-tier security rating, ensuring the highest level of protection for your data. Our SecurityScorecard™ badge represents our ongoing dedication to maintaining a secure environment, so you can confidently engage with our platform, knowing that your privacy and confidentiality are our utmost priorities.


RIGID ROBOTICS [solutions] proved to be quite reliable, with an availability that topped other systems on shovels as we measured externally. The accuracy of bucket position was surveyed after 4months to be 20cm. That's half of a tooth’s width! This reliability and performance is unmatched in the industry as far as we looked.

Sr. Project Manager - Mining

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