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Precision Digging & Loading

Bucket Telemetry


  • Accurate location of shovel and excavators bucket on real-time basis
  • Allow integrated geo-spatial data analysis for drill & blast optimization, orebody visualization and mine plan compliance.

Solution: RIGIDprecision™ + HPShovel + HPBucket addons

  • Scalable real-time data from shovel enabled by RIGIDsense™ hardware
  • Advanced bucket-sensing algorithm to determine the accurate location of bucket on a real-time basis.
  • Multiple data pipelines for different applications such as payload monitoring, drill & blast optimization, ore sorting, and coal seam visualization


  • Bucket position with less than 20 cm accuracy
  • Enabled increase in mine plan compliance, drill and blast optimization and improved recovery

Dig-to-Limit Application


  • Improve shovel and excavator spatial awareness
  • Improve operators’ ability to remove material as per the mine plan
  • Reduce personnel exposure to hazardous environment

Solution: RIGIDprecision™ + DIG.D2L application

  • Scalable real-time data from shovel enabled by RIGIDsense™ hardware
  • Dig-to-limit real-time guidance to operators enabled by DIG.D2L application
  • Detailed engineering analysis and plan refinements using historical data


  • 5-10% increase in mine plan compliance
  • Improved recovery
  • Reduction in surveying requirements
  • Improved machine productivity and reduced operating cost

Machine Support

Remotely managed with RIGIDportal™

All of our systems can be monitored, maintained, and managed remotely via RIGIDportal web interface.

Case Study: Bucket Sensing

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