Case Study:Optimisation of Drill & Blast


Coal Mining


North America


British Columbia Canada

Customer Profile

Truck and shovel open pit operations with 7 electric rope shovels


P&H 4100 electric rope shovel


Managing loading equipment performance and mining cost are complicated, given the ever-changing complexity of the environment, performance of the equipment, and hundreds of people interactions. Mine was eager to reduce variability in shovel performance while reducing mining cost through optimizing drill and blast practices.


RIGIDprecision™ platform from RIGID ROBOTICS provided scalable real-time data from shovel which was sent to the cloud where an advanced Digging Condition Index was geospatially generated in near real-time from the data stream. Our application then provided D&B engineers with direct insight into D&B optimization sought.

Pilot Duration

3 months (October – January)

RIGIDprecision™ platform availability: 99.99% of shovel availability

Enabling the adjustment of blast pattern designs for optimal results

Allow to link drill and blast quality to shovel productivity and machine health

Reducing use of explosives, blasting costs, and equipment wear

Helping to maximize productivity of shovels

Lessening impact on environment


10-15% Powder Factor Reduction

10% reduction in dig time

$0.5-5M p.a cost reduction based on varying baseline