Smart Whip & Light Vehicle Management

Extending critical capabilities to the unseen.

Mining Safety
Light vehicles, including contractor vehicles, are critical part of operations. Smart Whip provides real-time event-based feedback to the driver, the surrounding equipment, and the mine safety team allowing corrective action to be taken preemptively.
Smart Whip can be configured to change color or to flash based on prioritized events such as: speeding, geo-zones, access to unauthorized areas, unfastened seat-belt, idling, hard acceleration and hard braking. The whip turns off when the vehicle exits the mine premises.
The solution further captures operational and OBD data, and integrates with collision awareness solutions.
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Built for Mining

Specific mining hardware and software interfaces, ruggedized for mining

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Easy-to-integrate. Designed as an add-on to light vehicles. Open-data according to GMG standards.

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Low Cost

Low cost of ownership. Designed to be maintenance free.

A Modular Solution

Just connect the Whip to the all-in-one PIN hardware and update the software.

Machine Support

Supports light vehicles, contractor’s vehicles, buses, and other vehicles requiring a buggy whip.

[Optional] Remotely managed with RIGIDportal

All of our systems can be monitored, maintained, and managed remotely via  RIGIDportal web interface.