Tailored to the Mining Industry

Mining operations are often leaving money on the table by failing to implement technologies that can directly improve efficiency and ultimately lower their cost per ton.

IT/OT groups can be expanded to grow the bandwidth of a company’s technology pipeline; however, other than the risk of taking on additional overhead in a boom-and-bust industry, most project implementations require resource allocation from individual mine sites. Typically constrained by limited resources, mines need to maintain a balance between exploring new technologies and exploiting production capabilities.

We recognize the challenges facing mining companies in implementing IT/OT projects. In most cases, increasing technology adoption doesn’t necessarily make a mine smarter. Smarter mines implement fewer projects but carefully build solidified work processes and ensure buy-in from end users.

A New Model for Collaboration

RIGID’s team can work as an extension of your IT, New Technologies, OT, or other process improvement groups to

  • Examine operational pain points and inefficiencies
  • Apply mining domain knowledge to technologies sourced from other industries
  • Evaluate and recommend technologies for implementation
  • Assist in implementation of mine-led projects including the evaluation and/or trial of technologies
  • Customize or build full-scope products & systems

Past Projects

Assessment of Drone Technology for Mines

Our team has worked with mine operators to examine the feasibility of various types of drones to address specific challenges, including persistent surveillance, wildlife monitoring, and relaying signals into mining pits.

Shovel Interface Optimization Research and Evaluation

We evaluated a client’s existing project seeking to improve shovel efficiency through a more user-friendly interface. Our team conducted comprehensive technical research, sourced new technologies, and presented additional options before making a final recommendation.

Collision Avoidance System Comparison

The proper selection of collision avoidance technology begins with a detailed understanding of a mine’s fleet, topography, climate, workforce, and more. We’ve acted as a neutral 3rd party in examining operations and helping them choose the right technology.

Hardware Customization to Meet Operational Needs

New systems often must be customized to account for existing on-board systems, the mine’s IT/OT vision & requirements, and more. After receiving a request from a potential customer, our hardware design team implemented Power over Ethernet (PoE), antenna diversity, M12 connectors, and more in short span of time.

Evaluation of Frequency Bands for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication in Forestry Operations

Vehicle assistance systems as well as robotics projects involving vehicle coordination depend on peer to peer vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. We worked with a Canadian forestry consortium to test various V2V frequency bands in a forestry operation and help develop a recommendation for operators.

Let’s Get Started

Our team is comprised of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers as well as mining, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) experts. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations while being easy and fun to work with.

We are happy to offer a free consultation or brainstorming session on projects that fit within our expertise. Get in touch using the form below to learn about how RIGID ROBOTICS can help advance your projects of today as well as your vision for tomorrow.

Our team is based in Vancouver, BC but we work with clients around the globe both in person and online.

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