High-Precision Positioning, Heading & 3D Orientation

Enabling “Precision Mining”. Today’s mining operations look at High Precision Positioning as an enabling fleet-wide infrastructure.

The challenges that can be solved with high precision positioning are many and across the board: From accurate and repeatable spotting, bucket positioning, automated activity detection for dozers, compactors and graders, precision mining can be used to tighten the belt around your operation. Use our solution as an standalone or as an addition to your existing fleet management, collision avoidance or other systems and unlock benefits of Precision Mining.

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Built for Mining

Specific mining hardware and software interfaces

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Easy-to-integrate. Designed so that multiple 3-rd party systems can use the output. Open-data according to GMG standards.

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Low Cost

Significantly lower cost of ownership than competing products. Designed to be maintenance free.

Solution for Large Vehicles

Such as shovels and haul trucks

A modular solution that is designed and customized to fit your large mining equipment with all details sorted out. Shorter flexible RF cables, Ethernet-based design, all PoE, open-data, and easy-to-integrate. This significantly decreases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). All while the initial per vehicle investment is also much less compared to existing HPGNSS solutions. Accepts bucket estimation addons.

Solution for Smaller Vehicles

Such as light trucks, auxiliary equipment and even contractor vehicles

An all-in-one solution that bundles few value in one compact, highly integrated hardware. On smaller vehicles this significantly decreases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Moreover, the initial per vehicle investment is reduced with less hardware clutter to install and maintain. PIN can enable precision positioning, connectivity, collision awareness, smart whip and digital reporting all at the same time.

Universal Machine Support

Reduce inventory and maintenance costs with identical parts and cabling across your entire fleet.

[Optional] Remotely managed with RIGIDportal

All of our systems can be monitored, maintained, and managed remotely via  RIGIDportal web interface.