High-Precision Collision Awareness Solution

Enabling “Precision Safety”. Because false alarms kill.

Maximize situational awareness as well as predict and prevent collisions between vehicles of any type.

Predicts vehicle position & generates Dynamic Probabilistic Safety Zones based on vehicle type, response time, dynamics and behavior

Handles ALL traffic scenarios: Tailgating, two-way/parallel driving, elevation difference, path cut-off, obstructed intersection, truck spotting, dozer cleaning; other customized scenarios can be added.

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Eliminate False Alarms

HPGNSS backed by predictive algorithms more accurately tracks vehicle position & elevation

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Truly Reliable

Inertial navigation fusion and dead reckoning provide best availability and accuracy during vehicle travel

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Low Cost

Significantly lower cost of ownership than competing products. Designed to be maintenance free.

A Modular Solution

Use our collision assistance solution as standalone or as add-on to the high precision positioning solution.

Collision Assistance Solution (CAS) builds on top of precision positioning (HPGNSS) and peer-2-peer wireless communications (V2V). If you already use our precision positioning solutions, wireless communications or use an all-in-one PIN, all you need is just a software update to send alarms directly to your FMS system. Or add only a compact operator’s display.

The Centimeter Accuracy Difference

Traditional collision avoidance products rely on GPS (shown on top), creating numerous false alarms on a daily basis. These systems quickly erode operator trust and lose effectiveness.

DriveAssist (shown on the bottom) uses High Precision GNSS (HPGNSS) as well as smart algorithms and accurate heading tracking to more accurately track vehicles as well as predict their paths. This decrease false alarms, increases operator confidence, and helps create a safer and more efficient operation.

Universal Machine Support

Reduce inventory and maintenance costs with identical parts and cabling across your entire fleet.

[Optional] Remotely managed with RIGIDportal

All of our systems can be monitored, maintained, and managed remotely via  RIGIDportal web interface.