State-of-the-art tracking for demanding applications such as dozer cleaning, automation, and more

Solution icon for survey-grade positioning for mining
Key feature

High Availability

3 Levels of Dead Reckoning

Key feature

State-of-the-art RTK

7mm Accuracy, 2s Re-Acquisition

Key feature

Integration Friendly

Built with an Open-API

  • Supports 2nd antenna to track heading
  • Sensor fusion: Satellite (global) + Dead Reckoning (local) Positioning
  • Basic Dead Reckoning + Inertial Navigation using built-in temperature calibrated IMU + Optional Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR)
  • Integration-friendly and open-API inline with the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG)

The Challenge

  • Survey-grade positioning systems often face availability issues that stop operations for hours
  • Interruptions in availability of survey-grade positioning systems result in lost productivity for precision digging and dozer cleaning applications
  • Commercial products do not address mining challenges such as multipath, low signal strength in pits, and/or other satellite visibility issues
  • High cost of survey-grade positioning systems make multi-asset projects prohibitively expensive
Puzzle piece representing the missing piece to solve many mining challenges


Fewer Service Interruptions

  • Higher position and heading availability for drilling operation decrease machine idling time
  • Higher position and heading availability for shovels and dozers maximize efficiency
Fewer interruptions

Easily Implement and Manage Multi-Asset Projects

  • More affordable cost of ownership than competing solutions means you can equip 2-3x more assets for the same price
  • Full remote management/maintenance/support of 100+ installed systems through RIGIDportal™ web interface- no need to visit physical assets

Designed for Interoperability

  • Several integration-friendly interfaces and an open-API ensure compatibility with present and future 3rd party systems
  • Worry less about your investment
Interoperability with an open-API inline with GMSG