Improve your selective digging solution with our affordable and highly available high precision positioning, elevation, and heading tracking system

Key feature

High Availability

3 Levels of Dead Reckoning

Key feature

State-of-the-art RTK

7mm Accuracy, 2s Re-Acquisition

Key feature

Integration Friendly

Built with an Open-API

  • Unlike competing products, surveyPIN™ is mining specific, addressing challenges such as limited satellite coverage, multipath, and low signal strength in pits
  • surveyPIN matches or exceeds the accuracy of other survey-grade systems while also adding a lightning fast re-acquisition time and inertial navigation to reduce the impacts of limited satellite availability
  • Several interfaces and an open-API ensure surveyPIN connects to selective digging, bench management, and FMS solutions
  • A more affordable cost of ownership means that you can equip 2-3x more assets for the same price