Increase availability of your drilling guidance solution with our state-of-the-art high precision positioning system featuring inertial navigation and drill dead reckoning

Key feature

High Availability

3 Levels of Dead Reckoning

Key feature

State-of-the-art RTK

7mm Accuracy, 2s Re-Acquisition

Key feature

Integration Friendly

Built with an Open-API

  • Survey-grade positioning systems used for drilling often face availability issues that stop drilling for hours
  • Commercial products do not address mining challenges such as multipath, low signal strength in pits, and/or other satellite visibility issues
  • surveyPIN™ utilizes multi-constellation RTK, combined with a lightning fast re-acquisition time to allow drilling to continue during times of limited satellite availability
  • surveyPIN™  combines Satellite (global) and Dead Reckoning (local) positioning technologies
  • Proprietary sensor fusion: Basic Dead Reckoning + Inertial Navigation using built-in temperature calibrated IMU + Optional Drill Dead Reckoning (DDR)