Connect every asset to your mine network with a highly reliable solution optimized for large vehicles and harsh conditions

Key feature


Transmit Extended Ranges

Key feature

Diversity Antenna

360° Coverage (of Large Vehicles)

Key feature

Advanced WiFi PHY

Mining-Specific Configurations

  • Short RF cable design minimizes loss and maintenance 
  • Data + Power over Ethernet (PoE) minimizes cabling and maintenance 
  • IP67 / vibration / temperature tested for mining vehicles
  • Full remote management via web interface

The Challenge

  • Limited wireless ranges leave coverage gaps where vehicles cannot connect to mine access points (APs) 
  • Large vehicles lose connectivity when the antenna and APs are on opposite sides 
  • Typical industrial routers cannot be configured to optimize for mining-specific challenges such as mountainous terrain and adverse weather
  • Long RF cables are costly to install/maintain and degrade performance
Puzzle piece representing the missing piece to solve many mining challenges


Vehicles Stay Connected With Higher Network Availability

  • Fleet Management System (FMS) efficiency improves with accurate and available vehicle data
  • 3rd-party systems dependent on real-time data benefit from fewer network interruptions and/or increased availability of the central server
  • Longer network tasks get a chance to finish
Mining vehicles stay connected to the network with high availability

Better Wireless Network Reliability

  • Detailed PHY configuration optimizes for distance, fragments, etc. and enables a reliable connection even in mountainous conditions
Reliable network in even the worst mining conditions

Optional High Precision Position + Heading

  • Adds significant value to connected 3rd-party systems
  • Track assets and ore across your operation
Precision asset and ore tracking