Track assets, monitor where is ore is dumped, and more with high precision positioning at a cost low enough for haul trucks and light vehicles

Precision asset and ore tracking
Key feature

High Accuracy

up to 2.5cm using GNSS + RTK

Key feature

High Availability

3 Levels of Dead Reckoning

Key feature

Very Low Cost

Install on Trucks & Light Vehicles

  • Supports 2nd antenna to track heading
  • Sensor fusion: Satellite (global) + Dead Reckoning (local) Positioning
  • Basic Dead Reckoning + Inertial Navigation using built-in temperature calibrated IMU + Optional Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR)
  • New generation of advanced multi-GNSS real-time kinematic (RTK) technology at a very low cost
  • Integration-friendly and open-API inline with the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG)

The Challenge

  • Standard GPS accuracy at a mine surface is +/- 3 to 5 meters, while elevation (Z axis) is +/- 8 to 12 meters
  • Inaccurate positioning data introduces errors in vehicle/road assignment and breaks the primary assumption in FMS optimization algorithms 
  • GPS without heading doesn’t accurately show where ore is dumped, especially between stockpiles in close proximity to each other
  • Locating vehicles near other assets or structures requires sub-meter accuracy unavailable using traditional GPS
  • Collision avoidance algorithms are often heavily filtered or lagged to mask insufficient position and heading data, resulting in false alarms during scenarios such as parallel driving or vehicles traveling at different elevations
Puzzle piece representing the missing piece to solve many mining challenges


Increase Productivity With Accurate Ore Planning

  • Ore tracking allows accurate estimates to be created to plan for ore movement
Ore planning

Accurate Elevation Data Improves CAS, FMS, & More

  • Improves any software relying on correct vehicle/road assignment
  • Fewer false alarms for Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Better output optimization by Fleet Management Systems
Accurately measure elevation to help accurately locate assets and track ore

Easily Implement and Manage Multi-Asset Projects

  • Very low cost of ownership means you can install it on all vehicles fleet-wide
  • Full remote management/maintenance/support of 100+ installed systems through RIGIDportal™ web interface- no need to visit physical assets

Prepare for the Digital Mine of the Future

  • High precision positioning, heading, and timing are a necessary infrastructure for mines looking to implement robotics or automation projects in the future
  • Any robotics or automation project will require accurate asset positioning and heading
  • Accurate timing shared between assets is a prerequisite for robotics/automation projects such as vehicle coordination (truck spotting, loading, etc)
Robotics and automation are the future of mining