Predictive Braking with DriveAssist™

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Our Predictive Braking solution reduces the potential for human error and can be combined with our other DriveAssist solutions such as Collision Avoidance and Truck Spotting

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Fail-Safe Design

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77GHz Radar Technology

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Low Cost

  • Slows down vehicles to avoid collisions
  • Maintains functionality in all-weather conditions.
  • Uses reliable sensor technology tested and proven in the automotive sector
  • New 77GHz automotive technology means 3x better object separation and 5x better distance accuracy than 24GHz.
  • Customizable and configurable to specific mine needs

The Challenge

  • Human error is the #1 cause of incidents in mining
  • Over-speeding increases the risk of collisions and injury
  • Variation in speed and braking is hard on the engine and tires, increasing machine maintenance costs
  • Current mining technology is not safe-enough, reliable-enough, or secure-enough for life-critical vehicle applications
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Lower Cost

  • Decreases operational cost by minimizing equipment damage and improving maintenance rating
  • Decreases dependence on highly-experienced and highly-trained operators
  • Decreases training needs/costs thanks to operator-assist technology with intuitive user interface
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Improves Productivity

  • Increases productivity by eliminating collisions and minimizing equipment downtime
  • Increases output by improving machine maintenance rating
  • Increases output by improving machine run rate
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Increased Safety

  • Prevents incidents
  • Reduces in near miss incidents
  • Prevents tailgating
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