Operator Assistance Platform

A platform for off-road vehicles capable of providing collision avoidance, truck spotting and a variety of other solutions individually or in combination.


DriveAssist™ is designed to meet both the needs and standards of today’s mines with higher performance and a lower cost than competing products. Proprietary V2V communication enables shared situational awareness. An optional state-of-the-art 77GHz radar (the ARM-77™) provides local tracking when necessary.


No False Alarms


Inherits the 2.5cm Accuracy of trackPIN™


Low Cost: Significantly lower cost of ownership

Key Features


Operator-friendly Design


Dead Reckoning


Precision Positioning & Heading

trackpin side square-rgb

Streamlined Hardware & Cabling


Remote Management & Reporting



Universal Machine Support

Any machine, or even stationary object, can have DriveAssist installed. The modularity of DriveAssist reduces the cost of inventory by utilizing only a few parts that can work in many configurations.

For example, the same ARM-77 (Adaptive Radar Module) can be installed on the front of a dozer, on the side of a shovel, on the back of a truck, or on a pole at a busy intersection.  The ARM-77’s are also ID-less and hot-swappable. This interoperability greatly simplifies maintenance, training, inventory, and the need for support.

Forward Compatibility

Our line of vehicle intelligence products are designed to meet your current needs while also aligning with your future vision. Through shared underlying technology, we make upgrading from our trackPIN™ and surveyPIN™ products to DriveAssist easy and minimize the total cost of ownership for mines. Our open-API even enables DriveAssist to share its unbeatable positioning accuracy with other systems.