Designed with Your Future Needs in Mind

RIGID ROBOTICS designs technology for the needs of operations today while also aligning with their future visions. Our DriveAssist™ platform has been designed with an autonomous future in mind, while surveyPIN™ provides the level of positioning accuracy required for total automation.

Our team of engineers is always available to provide a free consultation regarding the road to automation in your operation.

Key feature

Fail-Safe Design

Key feature

77GHz Radar Technology

Key feature

Low Cost

Auto Truck Spotting

Solution icon for auto truck spotting
  • Allows the truck to position itself in the optimal location beside the shovel
  • Enables trucks to park on either, or both, sides of shovels
  • Greatly decreases spotting time

Adaptive Truck Platooning

Solution icon for adaptive truck convoying and platooning for mining
  • Enables trucks to operate in a convoy configuration
  • One truck leads with a human operator and a flexible number of trucks follow on the exact path set by the leader while keeping a constant minimum distance
  • The follower trucks could be manually-operated for supervised automation or be run fully autonomously

Unmanned Vehicle Navigation

Solution icon for unmanned vehicle navigation
  • Automates part or all of the machine cycle
  • Machines can be be manually-operated for supervised automation or be run fully autonomously

The Challenge

  • Human error is the #1 cause of incidents in mining
  • Increasing shortage of skilled labor 
  • Harder to reach commodities mean a higher cost of extraction and higher operator risk
  • Variation in speed and braking is hard on the engine and tires, increasing machine maintenance costs
  • Current mining technology is not safe-enough, reliable-enough, or secure-enough for life-critical vehicle applications
Puzzle piece representing the missing piece to solve many mining challenges


Lower Cost

  • Decreases operational cost by minimizing equipment damage and improving maintenance rating
  • Decreases dependence on highly-experienced and highly-trained operators
  • Decreases training needs/costs
  • Decreases housing requirements
Decrease costs in your operation

Improves Productivity

  • Improves cycle times by setting optimum speed for vehicles
  • Increases productivity by eliminating head-on collisions and minimizing equipment downtime
  • Increases output by improving machine maintenance rating
  • Increases output by improving machine run rate
Increase the productivity of your mining operation

Increased Safety

  • Prevents of incidents
  • Reduces near miss incidents
  • Eliminates human errors such as tailgating and under- and over-speeding
Mining Safety