Assisted Truck Spotting

Enabling “Fast, Repeatable Spotting & Safe Double Loading”

Get it right the first time, every time. Enable even student drivers to spot with confidence and safety. Our assisted spotting solution reduces the difficult task to a game-like interface that ensures repeatability and safety. The solution is enabled by affordable high precision positioning on assets and peer-2-peer communication between shovel and trucks. Shovel operator simply sets the destination box and our algorithms help the driver get there in the most efficient and safe manner.
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Innovative Interface

Patented interface makes the job as easy as playing a game so your most young drivers can adopt it.

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Easy-to-integrate. Designed so that multiple 3-rd party systems can use the output. Open-data according to GMG standards.

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Low Cost

Significantly lower cost of ownership than competing products. Enabled by low-cost HP GNSS and V2V.

Faster and more efficient

13 sec faster turnaround time, decoupled from shovel operation

Before and after spotting process proves 13 seconds of saving every time. This means up to 366 hours of recouped operation time per year per shovel. Decoupled operation removes the need for shovel to wait/guide truck in spotting. Moreover, double-loading is significantly more efficient than single loading operation.

Machine Support

[Optional] Remotely managed with RIGIDportal

All of our systems can be monitored, maintained, and managed remotely via  RIGIDportal web interface.