Advanced Analytics & AI

Enabling “New Era of AI-based Decision Making”

Automated vehicle-to-cloud data pipeline with advanced analytics/AI processing in near real-time. Get insights and turn them into action that can close the loop on major decision making much faster than traditional methods. For advanced users and already AI savvy mining companies, we also provide an mining-grade AI processing hardware based on Google Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), customized for mining vehicle deployment. This is when you are ready to move the models and insights from cloud to onboard processing for time-critical decision making. Whatever your needs are we understand AI in the context of mining operation and are ready to help you with services and tools specifically made for mining.
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Onboard Preprocessing

It is said that 70% of data scientists’ time is spent on filtering/cleaning data. Skip that with preprocessing the data at source according to the operatial context. Tag data with High-Precision GNSS and High-Precision Time at source.

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Multiple wired and wireless interfaces make integration to 3-rd party system easy. Open-data according to GMG standards.

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Flexible Solution, Service or Hardware

From classical AI tools to AI hardware built specifically for mining vehicles, and anything in between we can support your AI needs and wants.

Closing the feedback loop as real-time as it needs to be

Cloud Processing

Advanced Analytics Software or As-a-Service: Automated vehicle-to-cloud data pipeline with advanced analytics/AI processing in the cloud.

Onboard Processing

Mining-grade AI Hardware: Discover the first-and-only mining AI hardware for real-time on-board Machine Leaning (ML).

Universal Machine Support

Reduce inventory and maintenance costs with identical parts and cabling across your entire fleet.

[Optional] Remotely managed with RIGIDportal

All of our systems can be monitored, maintained, and managed remotely via  RIGIDportal web interface.