Nick Larson

Our business development team has just returned to Vancouver from the CIM Expo in Montreal, where they showcased our new high precision positioning products to the public for the first time. At the request of key stakeholders in the mining industry, we have taken the innovative positioning subsystem from our DriveAssist™ operator assistance platform and released it as a separate product. Named trackPIN™, this revolutionary product brings 2.5cm tracking-grade performance at a cost low enough for fleet wide installations on haul trucks and even light vehicles.

In order to meet the positioning needs of every mine operation, we also introduced a survey-grade positioning device with 7mm accuracy, named surveyPIN™. surveyPIN™ is fully interchangeable with trackPIN™, allowing mines to easily swap boxes for applications requiring highest accuracy and fastest convergence time.

trackPIN™ and surveyPIN™ feature dual-antennas for determining heading as well as an open-API so that their outputs can be subscribed to by 3rd-party systems. A built-in 1W communication router provides best-in-class connectivity to the mine’s network for remote management.

For further information, check out our new pages for trackPIN™ and surveyPIN™