Nick Larson

Automation solutions, such as those we provide using our DriveAssist™ and CONDUCTOR™ platforms, are requiring companies to rethink their Human Resources (HR) strategies. RIGID ROBOTICS’ CEO, Mehran Motamed, recently contributed to an article on the topic by Oracle HR consultant Mark Wadsley. The article, titled “How HR can learn from the People challenges in Mining,” discusses personnel challenges in the mining industry as well as RIGID ROBOTICS’ unique approach to them.

In the article, Mehran says “For mining companies, [automation] is an organisational change with people at its core.” This statement aligns with our continued emphasis on the importance of integrating humans with the latest technologies. The impact on existing and future personnel is a key consideration during any project undertaken by RIGID ROBOTICS. We also frequently consult with existing and potential clients on automation related HR issues.

The article by Mark Wadsley is available on LinkedIn

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