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RIGID ROBOTICS’ CEO Quoted in the Latest CIM Magazine

CIM Magazine’s September/October edition features “The Evolution of Autonomy,” an article written by Kate Sheridan.  The article discusses the benefits of increasing autonomy in the mining industry as well as the challenges faced by operators, manufacturers, and retrofitters. Sheridan interviewed RIGID ROBOTICS’ CEO Mehran Motamed as part of her research while writing the article.

The final article includes quotes from Mehran as well as other key voices in the mining and automation industries. In addition to the printed magazine, the article is also available online.

Nick Larson

DriveAssist™ News Release September 8, 2016

VANCOUVER, BC- RIGID ROBOTICS has announced that an updated version of the company’s DriveAssist™ platform will be released at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas. DriveAssist™ is a platform for off-road vehicles with capabilities ranging from collision avoidance and operator assistance to total vehicle automation. The updated platform boasts 2.5cm position accuracy as well as 100% position availability for up to 1hr. These features are particularly important when vehicles travel alongside long walls or to the bottom of mining pits.

Despite these technical advancements, the platform remains low cost and provides benefits to all mining operations, regardless of size or budget. Thanks to universal machine support, identical DriveAssist™ components can be installed on any piece of equipment or even stationary objects, such as points of interest. This streamlined hardware greatly benefits the end user by simplifying maintenance, training, parts inventory, and support requirements.

“Automation is the answer to cost, productivity and safety challenges faced by the industry today,” says RIGID ROBOTICS CEO Mehran Motamed, “It shouldn’t mean expensive and it shouldn’t discount the human aspect of integration.” “That was our approach in creating DriveAssist as a low-cost upgrade-friendly platform.”

The DriveAssist™ platform also remains in compliance with the Global Mining Standards Group and features an Open-API. Through its unified platform, DriveAssist™ is capable of running multiple applications that can be easily installed. Sample applications include Adaptive Proximity Detection (APD), Predictive Collision Avoidance (PCA), Predictive Emergency Breaking (PEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Adaptive Truck Convoy (ATC), and Unmanned Vehicle Navigation (UVN).

MINExpo runs September 26-28. RIGID ROBOTICS previously announced that it will display an entirely new unmanned aerial system, named CONDUCTOR™, at the show. The company’s booth will be #25353, located in the South Hall.

Nick Larson

CONDUCTOR™ News Release August 25, 2016

VANCOUVER, BC– RIGID ROBOTICS has announced that a new platform, named , will be displayed to the public for the first time at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas. CONDUCTOR™ is a tethered, unmanned aerial system (UAS) that is designed for persistent, uninterrupted
operation. CONDUCTOR™, combined with a suite of ground post-processing applications, delivers actionable intelligence to a wide range of operations. Thanks to a powered tether between the UAS and the ground, CONDUCTOR™ does not require downtime in order to refuel or recharge.

Built with more intelligence than peers in its class, CONDUCTOR™ can operate autonomously and safely without the need for a human operator. Flight risks are eliminated thanks to fault-tolerant control and a redundant power system that enables CONDUCTOR™ to land safely in the event that ground power fails. The UAS boasts 100m altitude operation, strong wind resistance, and up to a 10kg payload capacity.

“CONDUCTOR™ represents an exciting new opportunity for the mining industry to gather data, guide operations, and ultimately improve safety and productivity,” says RIGID ROBOTICS’ CEO Mehran Motamed. “We are excited that those at MINExpo will be the first to see and learn about it in person.”

CONDUCTOR™ will be delivered to customers alongside a base station with the customer choosing either a fixed box, placing the base station on a trailer, or integrating it into a truck or van. The base station will then handle power delivery as well as feeding and re-spooling the tether.

MINExpo, which runs September 26-28, will also be used to exhibit RIGID ROBOTICS’ existing DriveAssist™ platform, which can be used to enable collision avoidance, driver assistance, or full vehicle automation. The company’s booth will be #25353, located in the South Hall.

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DriveAssist™ Gains Enhanced Functionality

DriveAssist™ has become the only low-cost cm accuracy collision avoidance system in the mining industry. Recent improvements to the DriveAssist™ platform have enabled the new level of accuracy while maintaining RIGID ROBOTICS’ commitment to low cost.

Additional details about the DriveAssist™ update are going to be released in early September. The DriveAssist™ platform will also be on display at MINExpo 2016 next month in Las Vegas, Nevada. RIGID ROBOTICS booth will be #25352 at the convention, which runs September 26th to 28th.

Nick Larson


RIGID ROBOTICS will be exhibiting at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the show, which runs September 26-28, we will be showcasing both our ground and aerial platforms to attendees from across the mining industry and around the world.


Our CEO, Mehran Motamed, will be part of the team on hand. If you would like to set up a time to discuss the future of mining and our solutions, please send a message to

RIGID ROBOTICS’ booth will be #25352 in the South Hall.