trackPIN™ & surveyPIN™

High Precision GNSS

Solution icon for tracking-grade positioning for mining
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Low Cost

Significantly lower cost of ownership

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Up to 2.5cm (trackPIN) vs up to 7mm (surveyPIN)

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Three levels of dead reckoning cover satellite gaps

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Multiple wired and wireless interfaces

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Lightning fast re-acquisition time (surveyPIN only)

Two options for all mining GNSS/GPS positioning needs

trackPIN is a revolutionary low cost positioning system with up to 2.5cm of positioning accuracy. Its low price point means that trackPIN is affordable to install fleet-wide at mines on haul trucks and even light vehicles.

surveyPIN has the same great feature set as trackPIN but with a lightning fast re-acquisition time and up to 7mm of positioning accuracy. It matches or exceeds the performance of existing survey-grade positioning devices at an unbeatable price.

Both products are fully interchangeable and can utilize a common reference station. This way mines can mix-and-match depending on their specific needs and minimize their total cost of ownership.

They also feature open-API for custom integration into existing or future systems, allowing either trackPIN or surveyPIN to serve as building blocks for products such as our collision avoidance and truck spotting solutions.

RIGID ROBOTICS' trackPIN and surveyPIN high precision mining GPS/GNSS positioning devices

Key Features

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Multi-constellation RTK

Logos for WiFi and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication

V2X & Wifi Communication

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Two antennas attached to RIGID ROBOTICS' trackPIN in order to provide accurate heading

Dual Antenna Heading

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Sensor Fusion


Remote Management & Reporting

Forward Compatibility

Our line of vehicle intelligence products, including trackPIN and surveyPIN, are designed to meet your current needs while also aligning with your future vision. Through shared underlying technology, we make upgrading to other products and solutions, such as DriveAssist™, easy and minimize the total cost of ownership for mines. Our open-API even enables the positioning accuracy of trackPIN and surveyPIN to power 3rd party systems.

Applications for trackPIN

A haul truck filled with ore being tracked by HPGNSS
Ore Tracking
Several haul trucks moving efficiently within a mine thanks to a fleet management system powered by high precision positioning
Fleet Management
Collision avoidance in action as a haul truck comes around a corner and finds a grader in its path
Collision Avoidance
... indicating the numerous additional applications for trackPIN & surveyPIN in mining as well as other operations
& Many More

Applications for surveyPIN

Several drills using high precision positioning for precise hole placement in the bottom of a mining pit
Traditional surveying device in the foreground with a backhoe in the background
Automated shovel loading an automated haul truck in a mining operation
Vehicle Automation
... indicating the numerous additional applications for trackPIN & surveyPIN in mining as well as other operations
& Many More