Assisted Truck Spotting with DriveAssist™

This solution is tailored to reduce the potential for human error when truck spotting as well as increase efficiency and decrease cycle times.

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2.5cm Position Accuracy

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Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication

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Low Cost

  • 360 degree situational awareness
  • Maintains functionality in all-weather conditions
  • Enables trucks to park on either, or both, sides of shovels
  • Intuitive interface guides operator step by step

The Challenge

  • Current spotting methods are primitive 
  • Blind spots often limit loading to one side of shovels
  • Overcautious operators increase cycle time and cut into productivity
  • Trucks often accidentally back up into the pit face, causing premature tire wear and failure
  • Current mining technology is not reliable or accurate enough to position a truck beside a shovel
  • A shovel’s wide rear section poses a collision concern with haul trucks during both spotting and load
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Lower Cost

  • Decreases operational cost by minimizing potential for equipment damage
  • Decreases the need for costly premature tire replacements
  • Decreases training needs/costs thanks to operator-assist technology with an intuitive user interface
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Improves Productivity

  • Improves cycle times by allowing trucks to park on both sides of shovels
  • Increases productivity by eliminating collisions and minimizing equipment downtime
  • Increases output by improving machine run rate
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Increased Safety

  • Minimizes potential for contact between shovels and trucks
  • Reduces likelihood of the shovel impacting the truck bed
  • Prevents parking too close to or too far from shovels
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