The shared underlying technology that powers our line of vehicle intelligence solutions can also be incorporated into custom solutions designed for specific mining operations. RIGID ROBOTICS’ custom solutions can be as simple as modifications to our existing product line, such as the implementation of power over ethernet, or as complex as turn key autonomy solutions. Our team of engineers are always available to provide a free consultation regarding your specific needs and challenges.

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Fail-Safe Design

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77GHz Radar Technology

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Low Cost

Adaptive Truck Platooning

Solution icon for adaptive truck convoying and platooning for mining
  • Enables trucks to operate in a convoy configuration
  • One truck leads with a human operator and a flexible number of trucks follow on the exact path set by the leader while keeping a constant minimum distance
  • The follower trucks could be manually-operated for supervised automation or be run fully autonomously

Unmanned Vehicle Navigation

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  • Automates part or all of the machine cycle
  • Machines can be be manually-operated for supervised automation or be run fully autonomously

The Challenge

  • Human error is the #1 cause of incidents in mining
  • Increasing shortage of skilled labor 
  • Harder to reach commodities mean a higher cost of extraction and higher operator risk
  • Variation in speed and braking is hard on the engine and tires, increasing machine maintenance costs
  • Current mining technology is not safe-enough, reliable-enough, or secure-enough for life-critical vehicle applications
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Lower Cost

  • Decreases operational cost by minimizing equipment damage and improving maintenance rating
  • Decreases dependence on highly-experienced and highly-trained operators
  • Decreases training needs/costs
  • Decreases housing requirements
Downward arrow with dollar sign depicting cost savings in the mining operation

Improves Productivity

  • Improves cycle times by setting optimum speed for vehicles
  • Increases productivity by eliminating head-on collisions and minimizing equipment downtime
  • Increases output by improving machine maintenance rating
  • Increases output by improving machine run rate
Bar graph showing an increase in productivity in the operation

Increased Safety

  • Prevents of incidents
  • Reduces near miss incidents
  • Eliminates human errors such as tailgating and under- and over-speeding
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