Aerial Intelligence Platform

A Tethered Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Designed for Persistent, Uninterrupted Operation.

Built with more intelligence than peers in its class, CONDUCTOR™ can operate autonomously and safely without the need for a human operator. Thanks to a powered tether between the UAS and the ground, CONDUCTOR™ does not require downtime in order to refuel or recharge.

Key Features

  • Best-in-class on-board intelligence: fully automatic flight cycle, automatic in-flight health status predictions maximizing safety of operation
  • 24+ hour flight duration limits downtime thanks to tether based power
  • Best-in-class power delivery: greater payload capacity at higher elevations and in stronger winds
  • All-weather operation in rain, wind, fog, and snow
  • Customizable payload up to 10kg enables you to collect the data you need
  • Secure wireless broadcast makes data available where it is needed
  • Adaptive altitude up to 120m provides flexible coverage over a wide operational area
  • Redundant power systems keep CONDUCTOR™ airborne even when the primary power source fails
  • Integrated solution with optional ground application modules that process information and provide real-time actionable intelligence in support of your operation
  • Choice of base station: fixed, trailer mounted, or integrated into a truck or van
CONDUCTOR UAV sits on top of wheeled base station in parking lot